Veterans Services

The Chicopee Veterans Services Office establishes appropriate veterans memorials, provides burial allowances for eligible veterans and is responsible for the marking, flag placement and identification of all veterans graves in this city.

The City of Chicopee, through Chicopee Veterans Services hosts the annual Memorial Day Parade as well as coordinating and assisting in any veterans ceremonies.


The mission of the Chicopee Veterans Services Office is to provide eligible veterans and their families, who are residents of Chicopee, with financial and medical assistance in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 115 and CMR 108.

Additionally, we provide referrals and assistance with housing, alternate sources of income, such as Social Security and the VA, employment opportunities, fuel assistance programs, area food banks and shelters. We are committed to ensuring that the veterans and their families receive the assistance that they are eligible for and to encourage them to seek permanent, life-long solutions to their needs.

"Providing our veteran audience with information, education and resources."

Western Mass. Dial-A-Lawyer call-in Program

​Western Mass. residents can received free legal advice on Wednesday, May 24th, through the Massachusetts Bar Association's semiannual program! Volunteer Lawyers from the MBA will field phone calls to Western Mass. counties who have legal concerns or problems. The legal advice is provided at no charge as a public service of the MBA. The Dial-A-Lawyer phone number is (413) 782-1659. The phone number is only active from
​4 pm- 7 pm ONLY. If a caller gets a busy signal, please hang up and try again. Normal telephone charges will apply.


​However, the weather forecast is predicting rain on Monday May 29, 2017, Memorial Day. If the weather conditions do not change for Monday, we will start notifying participants of the cancellation beginning at 3:00pm, on Sunday May 28, 2017.
If there are any questions or concerns please call our office at (413) 594-3470. We will be in the office on Sunday May 28, 2017 from 3:00pm-4:00pm.

War On Terror Memorial

The City of Chicopee, in conjunction with the Veterans’ Memorial and Patriotic Committee of Chicopee, is planning to construct a monument in honor of those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America during the ongoing War on Terror. Special recognition will be given to two citizens of Chicopee killed prior to the 9/11 attack and four Killed in Action during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

​Students from Chicopee Comp created WOT fundraising sign for Veteran's Memorial!
​Design and Visual Communications, Instructor Scott Brubach, Students: Destiny Martinez, Shaneace Villanueva and not pictured Michelle Cosme, Director Kimberly Babin, Jean Croteau – City Messenger; Mr. Kenny Widelo and members of the Veterans’ Memorial & Patriotic Subcommittee War on Terror.
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We have met our goal of $50,000 for the War On Terror Memorial Fund! We want to express our great appreciation to everyone who donated and thank you all for your support!


Department of Veterans’ Services Website Exclusion Policy

The Department of Veteran’s Services has complete and final discretion over what is posted on our Veterans’ Webpage and is limited to not-for-profit entities that are working with Veterans Services to serve the needs of and providing assistance for Chicopee’s veteran community.