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Yoga in the Park

We are to offering Tuesday Evening & Saturday Morning Yoga Class. Classes will be held at Szot Park located near the basketball & bocce courts!

EVERYONE, in some way, can benefit from the practice of yoga, especially during these trying times.  The famous misconception is that yoga is only for the flexible, or for people who can stand on their heads, or turn themselves into human pretzels.  While asana, (the physical practice) is indeed one of the 8 limbs of yoga, it is only one part of the practice.  Simply focusing on your breath (pranayama) and having a focused attention or concentration on self-care (dharana) is also practicing yoga.  So basically, if you sit for a minute and just pay attention to your breath, you are practicing yoga and doing something great for your body and mind!

This all levels, outdoor yoga series, will include a few minutes of “centering” where you will learn methods of pranayama and meditation (dyana).  A warm-up will follow and then we will move into an Iyengar inspired vinyasa flow.  We will build a little heat, have some FUN, get our hearts pumping and challenge your body, with modifications offered for each posture.  After we climb the arc of the class, we will work our way down onto our mats to for gentle or deep stretching (always yogi’s choice) and eventually end in a restful svasana.
Masks are required throughout your practice.  Please bring your own yoga matt and any props you wish to use, as they cannot be provided under current Covid-19 regulations. 

Classes Start 5/4 for Tuesdays & 5/8 for Saturdays.

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