Sports Camps & Lessons

  • Girls Basketball Camp  (entering grades 4-9)  
    -Directed by the CHS and Comp Girls Varsity Coaches
    -July 17-21 at Chicopee High School from 9:00-2:00 PM
    -$85 for residents, $79 for second child, $95 non residents
    -Campers receive individual and group instruction and a camp t-shirt
    -Must bring sneakers, towel, and water bottles and a lunch
    -Campers will develop and fine tune all basketball skills including shooting, passing, defense, and dribbling.  Learn all the fundamentals of the game and how to relate them to game situations.
    -Registration deadline is Thursday, July 13.

  • Boys Lacrosse Camp  (entering grades 3-8)     
    -Directed by the CHS and Comp Varsity Coaches                                                       -July 31-August 4 at Garrity Grove Park from 9:00-2:00 PM
    -$80 for residents, $75 for second child, $90 non resident
    -Campers will receive individual and group/game instruction
    -Please bring plenty of water, a snack, and a lunch for breaks
    -Required to bring Lacrosse Helmet, Stick, Mouth Guard, Shoulder Pads,
     Elbow/Arm Pads, Cleats and bathing suit and towel for time at spray park to cool off
    -Campers will develop, gain confidence and fine tune the skills of shooting, passing,
     defense and teamwork.  Utilize these skills to relate them to everyday
     game/scrimmage situations

  • Boys Basketball Camp  (entering grades 4-9)   
    -Directed by the Chicopee Varsity Coaches
    -July 24-July 28 at Chicopee High School from 9:00-2:00 PM
    -$85 for residents, $79 for second child, $90 for non resident
    -Campers receive individual and group instruction, and camp t-shirt
    -Please bring your own lunch, sneakers, towels, and water bottles
    -This camp is for beginners as well as those who play at a higher level.  Develop
    all the skills of basketball in shooting, dribbling, rebounding, defense, teamwork and
    more.  Game and scrimmage situations.  Camper challenges.
    -Register by July 21 and only the first 75 participants can enroll   

  • Gold Star Soccer Camp  (ages 5-14)
    -Directed by Brent Dillard, a former college and professional player
    -Various highly skilled coaches present
    -Learn all aspects of soccer from passing, shooting, defense, tackling and more
    -July 31-August 4 at Ike Alpert Park
    -For more information and to register go to

  • Spring and Summer Tennis Lessons (ages 8 to adults)

           -Monday, Wednesday, and some Fridays

           -Lesson times offered are 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 PM

           -Session 1:  May 8-May 31
           -Session 2:  June 5-June 28
           -Session 3:  July 10-August 2
           -Session 4:  August 7-August 30
           -Session 5:  September 11-October 4

           -Five sessions that can be signed up for.  First is at Williams Park and  
            the remainder to be at Szot Park.

           -Each session consists of 8 classes (two per week)

           -$70 for residents and $75 for non residents

           -Certified USTPA teaching pro Paul Fein will be the instructor

    Registrations for all sport camps and lessons must be done at the Chicopee Parks Department Office.  With questions or for more information please call 413-594-3481.